Spring league



The Spring Trap League will be 10 weeks (not counting off weeks for Memorial Day & July 4th). League nights are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday and will start on May 7, 2019. Shooting starts at 5pm. 


Each team must have packets turned in and fees paid before the team's first night of shooting. You will not be allowed to shoot until packets are complete and all corresponding fees are paid. Team captains are responsible for collecting information and funds from each member. A membership form must be completed by each member and substitute for every team. Please make one payment with your packet to the clubs treasurer in full. 

NOTE: Team captains may make full payment even without their team determined.


Each team member is required to be a member of the NRA. The club is a recruiter for the NRA. This is an opportunity to advance the club through additional funds. We ask that you sign up or renew through the club. Our members get a discounted rate when signing up or renewing through the club.


Each team will shoot two lines on their designated night. Each shooter will shoot at a total of 50 targets for a total of 250 targets per team. The first line will be shot from the 16-yard-line. The second line will be shot from a handicap line. Handicap yardages are figured by taking the total team score from the 16-yard-line, dividing it by 5, and adding 2. 

NOTE: Teams are encouraged to shoot with all five team members, scheduling make ups if necessary. If a team cannot find a substitute and must elect to shoot incomplete, the handicap will be calculated by adding in the score of the highest shooter for each absent team member. This is only used to calculate the HANDICAP for a team with less than 5 team members. The score shot will be the score recorded.


Each target will be scored by the scorer. A hit target is one that at least a visible piece is broken away from the target. A dusted target is one that dust is observed and no piece is seen broken away and shall be counted as a lost target. All lost targets shall be verbally counted as a loss and marked with a O on the score sheet.

Each team is required to help pull and score for other teams, clean up, and help reload the trap house. If you do not know how to disarm and reload the trap house safely, please find a range officer and they will give instruction.

If a team starts their first line they must finish both lines on that day, unless shooting is stopped on the account of rain. If shooting is stopped on account of rain and there are no completed lines, the line will be shot over. Any completed lines will be carried over to the make up.


Make up shooting will be allowed on a team's regular shooting night as well as off weeks and on Sundays at 3pm during the league season providing a Range Officer is present. You must bring your own scorer when making up.

If you would like to make up on a night that is not your regular shooting night, it will be allowed only if time permits and you shoot after regular scheduled league shooting. All teams that regularly shoot on that night get first priority.

  • Only two "make-up" scores allowed to be posted per day on Sundays.
  • Only one make up score during league nights.
  • Only one team score can be shot in advance.


Each team is made up of 5 regular members or shooters. If you are signed up as a regular member on a team, you may not substitute for another team.

A team may sign up substitutes for the purpose of filling in when a regular member is not able to shoot on any given week for their team.

Any shooters who are not a regular member of a team may substitute  and shoot for any team during the regular shooting weeks.

Anyone wanting to substitute for a team must join the club and pay the membership fee and NRA dues.

If a club member wants to be a substitute they may do so without signing up on a team. Substitutes who are not signed up with a team must be on the list posted in the club house. 

If a substitute wants to be eligible to shoot for a team at the shoot off they must be signed up as a substitute for that team by the end of the sixth week of league shooting.


Winners of the League shoot will be determined by the highest team score using a total of ten weeks of league shooting.


Each year the club recognizes the Top Male, Top Female and Top Youth shooter who has broken the most targets during league.


A team must post 10 weeks of league scores and complete one day of volunteer work to be eligible to shoot in the Shoot Off. If a substitute wants to be eligible to shoot for a team at the shoot off they must be signed up as a substitute for that team by the end of the sixth week of league shooting. The Shoot Off will be head on August 3, 2019. 

If a team finds themselves short a shooter due to unforeseen circumstances they will be allowed to participated in the shoot off with 4 members. However, no team will be allowed to participate in the shoot off with less than 4 members. To score the missing shooter the score will be based on the regular members average minus 5 targets. The average will be figured on the regular members number of weeks shot (the shooter must have at least 5 weeks scored to be eligible) for a total score divided by twice the weeks. (example: If the missing shooter shot 8 weeks and had a sub for 2 weeks we would take the 8 weeks total for the shooter, divide by 16 and subtract 5. This example might be if the shooter scored a total of 320 for the 8 weeks. Then 320 divided by 16 equals 20 and minus five would make the score 15. this would be used for the shoot off.



  • Always treat firearms as if they were loaded.
  • Keep all firearms pointed in a safe direction at all times
  • Firearms must be unloaded with action open when walking around the range.
  • Firearms must be unloaded with action open when changing stations during shooting.
  • Firearms must be left with action open until it is your turn to shoot.
  • Only 1 gun pulled up at a time
  • No drinking alcoholic beverages prior to shooting.


Fill out your Spring League packet and returning it to a board member the first week of shooting.


Download your 2019 Spring Packet.