Pistol League


2019 was the launch of the Crooked Creek Trap Club’s Pistol League.  It was an eight week league where we shot at paper targets for time and accuracy.  The exercises increased in difficulty each week.  Beginning with shooting at a target at close range, then moving further back, then adding time, we progressed to moving laterally on the course, moving forward and backward, shooting with left hand only and right hand only, shooting around barricades, shooting from the kneeling position, shooting carrying articles around the course, shooting backwards, reloading, shooting on the move, and combinations of several tasks at the same time.

The eight week league focused on improving pistol skills and having fun!

In 2020, we will continue to work on our skill building exercises with paper targets, but also hope to build a steel target course and an action pistol course.

The steel target course will consist of shooting at steel plates designed to develop faster shooting skills.  Scores are based on time/speed only.

The action pistol course is just plain fun!  The course is set up with barricades to shoot around, window frames to shoot through, partitions to navigate around, obstacles everywhere, platforms to shoot under, etc.  

We had a great first year league and next year should be even more fun with more games and more challenges!